Transform your Etsy store with Tracksenda - streamlined order management, boosted reviews, and exceptional customer satisfaction.


Streamlined Order Management

Tracksenda gives you a bird's eye view of all your Etsy orders - both in transit and delivered. By categorizing your orders based on their delivery status, the platform enables you to keep track of all orders due for follow-up messages. This organization not only saves you time but also ensures no order slips through the cracks, enhancing the efficiency of your follow-up process.


Increased Reviews

By sending follow-up messages, Tracksenda encourages customers to leave a review for your Etsy store. This can lead to a significant increase in the number of reviews, boosting your store's reputation and visibility.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With Tracksenda, your customers receive timely updates and follow-ups, ensuring they feel valued and heard. This proactive communication fosters positive customer relations and increases overall customer satisfaction. With happy customers, you boost the chances of repeat business and referrals, which in turn, enhance your Etsy store's success.


Our app empowers you to streamline your Etsy business, enhance customer communication, and efficiently manage your orders. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our all-in-one solution and take your Etsy business to new heights.


Unified Order Tracking

Tracksenda provides a one-stop platform to monitor all your Etsy orders across 1500+ courier services globally. Manage your deliveries and keep an eye on every shipment, all in one place.


Global Tracking Reach

Tracksenda supports 1500+ courier companies globally, ensuring your Etsy orders are traceable, no matter the logistics. Gain peace of mind with unified tracking, enhancing your customer connections and satisfaction.


Effortless Follow-Ups

With Tracksenda, sending follow-up messages to customers post-delivery is just a click away. This facilitates easy engagement with your customers, helping to ensure their satisfaction and inspire positive reviews.


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